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  1. AEK is led by former NBA players Victor Alexander and Willie Anderson.
  2. Victor Alexander Montagu, second son of John Montagu, 7th Earl of Sandwich.
  3. In October, the Cavaliers sent him to Toronto for forward Victor Alexander.
  4. "' Victor Alexander George Anthony Warrender, 1st Baron Bruntisfield "'war-time coalition government.
  5. Victor Alexander George Robert, Earl of Lytton Viceroy and Acting Governor-General of India
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  7. Victor Alexander wasn't playing last year and couldn't help gaining weight.
  8. Victor Alexander, just acquired in a trade with Toronto, has a sore foot.
  9. Jerry Stackhouse had 14, Victor Alexander added 12 and Zeliko Rebraca had 11.
  10. Junior Victor Alexander averaged 19.7 points and 8.7 rebounds per game.
  11. The song was written by Ocean, Tricky Stewart and Victor Alexander, and Pitchfork ".
  12. AEK features former NBA players Victor Alexander and Willie Anderson.
  13. Sophomore Victor Alexander averaged 20 points and 9 rebounds per game on the season.
  14. Victor Alexander was considered one of the top low-block scorers in Iowa State history.
  15. We concentrated our defense on Victor Alexander, ( Branislav ) Prelevic and Willie Anderson,
  16. Victor Alexander Montagu, second son of the seventh Earl.
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