victor aaron in a sentence

  1. Texon was the birthplace of Native American actor Victor Aaron.
  2. The only Gribble child, Joseph ( voiced by Brittany Murphy; later Breckin Meyer ) is the result of Nancy's 15-year-long affair with John Redcorn ( voiced by Victor Aaron; later Jonathan Joss ), a Native American healer.
  3. Writing for " Something Else ! " in 2006, S . Victor Aaron the best songs from " Tutu " may have been Davis's own composition " Tomaas " : " With a reggae beat married to repetitive single note underpinned by some very nifty bass work by Miller, Miles and Miller ( also on soprano sax ) trade fours and eights in a rare opportunity for Miles to stretch out.
  4. GOASTT often finished their sets with the Syd Barrett tune " Long Gone " S . Victor Aaron in Something Else Reviews wrote : " The Ghost of A Saber Tooth Tiger brings the full band to bear on the song, busting out of the tune s seams with heavy tones from guitars, Muhl s organ and Tim Kuhl s discriminating drums as the song descends into the metal bombast waiting at the end the chorus ."
  5. "If'FM'( the lyric ) is an argument for adventurousness, " Breithaupt writes, " then'FM'( the music ) is an instance of its own doctrine, with twists and turns aplenty . " It begins with an overture, as Fagen repeats two pairs of thirds on a piano, a figure that, S . Victor Aaron writes, " prowls like a panther " while Becker adds bass flourishes and guitar licks, accented by cymbal crashes from minor.
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  7. He has also directed for " Microteatro " ( a project of " Centro Cultural Espanol de Miami " ) works like :  Armadas hasta los Dientes written by Indira Paez,  Truculencias written by Leandro Fernandez and Victor Aaron,  Mujeres Ligeras written by Indira Paez and  Pin Pan Toda La vida written by Enio Mejia and Pablo Bautista,  Mucha Mierda written by Nancho Novo y  La Audicion written by Indira Paez, which have been selected as the best on their respective seasons.

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