victor 9000 in a sentence

  1. The computer was sold as the Victor 9000.
  2. The "'Victor 9000 "'( distributed in the UK by British company OEM deal for printers.
  3. "BYTE " called the Victor 9000 " an excellent microcomputer with an outstanding array of standard features ".
  4. The Victor 9000 / Sirius 1 ran CP / M-86 and MS-DOS but did not claim to be IBM PC compatible.
  5. The Victor 9000's 800x400 resolution screen, 896 kB of memory ( RAM ), programmable keyboard and character set were also far ahead of the competition.
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  7. The Victor 9000 was also distributed in the UK under that name by DRG Business Machines in Weston super-Mare, who dealt with Victor Technologies in the US direct.
  8. Among the computers supported, before the arrival of the IBM PC, were Chuck Peddle's Sirius Systems Technology Victor 9000, the ACT Apricot Computers and the DEC Rainbow 100.
  9. While unsuccessful in the United States the Victor 9000 became the most popular 16-bit business computer in Europe, especially in Britain and Germany, while IBM delayed the release of the PC there.
  10. Similar, the 5.25 " floppy drives of the Victor 9000 aka Sirius 1, designed by Chuck Peddle, used a combination of 10-bit GCR and constant bit-density recording by gradually decreasing a drive's rotational speed for the outer tracks to achieve formatted capacities of 606 kB ( single sided ) / 1188 kB ( double-sided ) on 96 tpi media.

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