victoire thivisol in a sentence

  1. Cast : Victoire Thivisol, Marie Trintignant, Xavier Beauvois.
  2. Only Ponette ( Victoire Thivisol ) refuses to cope.
  3. Victoire Thivisol, Matiaz Bureau, Delphine Schlitz
  4. The always appealing Juliette Binoche plays Vianne Rocher, single mother of young Anouk ( Victoire Thivisol ).
  5. Its 4-year-old star, Victoire Thivisol, was voted best actress at the 1996 Venice Film Festival.
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  7. Ponette ( Victoire Thivisol ), who is 4 years old, and her mother have been in a car crash.
  8. Victoire Thivisol, not yet 4 when chosen for the role, won the best actress award at the Venice Film Festival last year.
  9. She and her daughter, Anouk ( Victoire Thivisol ), blow into town on a north wind with their exotic blends of sweets.
  10. Victoire Thivisol, who looks barely old enough to talk, won the best-actress award at the Venice Film Festival for her performance.
  11. A chill north wind brings Vianne ( Juliette Binoche ) and her young daughter ( Victoire Thivisol ) to a small French town in the late 1950s.
  12. The jury named 4-year-old Victoire Thivisol as best actress for her role in " Ponette, " directed by Jacques Doillon.
  13. And in 4-year-old Victoire Thivisol _ who was named best actress at last year's Venice Film Festival _ Doillon has a guileless and absolutely compelling young star.
  14. At the heart of the film is the performance of the dark-haired little Victoire Thivisol, who won the best-actress award at the 1996 Venice Film Festival, as Ponette.
  15. 9 . PONETTE : This exquisite, little-seen French jewel features a 4-year-old wonder named Victoire Thivisol in a child's-eye portrait of bewildering loss.
  16. There's almost no emotional territory left unexplored in Victoire Thivisol's performance as the 4-year-old girl whose mother has just died in Jacques Doillon's " Ponette ."
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