victivallis vadensis in a sentence

  1. "Victivallis vadensis " forms a slime layer outside of its cell membrane, which appears halo-like when examined microscopically.
  2. The candidate phylum VadinBE97 is now known as Lentisphaerae after " Lentisphaera araneosa " and " Victivallis vadensis " were cultured.
  3. Because more than half of the human gut microbiome has yet to be cultured, newly discovered species like " Victivallis vadensis " require extensive culture testing to determine in what situations they best thrive.
  4. When attempting to isolate in culture, streptomycin and polymyxin B can be added to the media in order to prevent growth of contaminating agents; therefore, " Victivallis vadensis " is streptomycin and polymyxin B-resistant.
  5. It measures approximately 0.5-1.3 micrometers in diameter, is non-motile and chemoorganotrophic, and does not form spores . " Victivallis vadensis " is strictly anaerobic, as are 90 percent of the bacteria in the human gastrointestinal system.
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  7. "Victivallis vadensis " was originally known as strain Cello T, as it is able to use cellobiose as a carbon source ( The Prokaryotes ), but was renamed for an area in the Netherlands known as food valley, near the scientists at Wageningen University, who first identified the organism.

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