victini in a sentence

  1. Carlita and Juanita realize Damon is torturing Victini, and will eventually kill Victini.
  2. Carlita and Juanita realize Damon is torturing Victini, and will eventually kill Victini.
  3. Ash and his friends befriend Victini.
  4. Victini appears and eats it, now free of the barrier and has plans to restore the valley its way.
  5. The magazine also reveals that it will also feature Jirachi, Victini, Manaphy, and Darkrai as special guests.
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  7. Ash promises to take Victini to the ocean, but Damon prepares to move the castle to start off his plans.
  8. Victini recalls how the king told it that if the castle was moved again, the Dragon Force would become destructive.
  9. It was also the first generation where the first new Pok閙on in National Pok閐ex order ( Victini ) is not a starter.
  10. The event to distribute the item to allow players to capture Victini was also be run following the games'release internationally.
  11. Ash, Iris and Cilan try to stop Damon from harming Victini, but their attempts are thwarted by Zekrom / Reshiram.
  12. Ash wins with Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig, and Scraggy, Carlita realising Victini has been giving his Tepig and Scraggy power boosts.
  13. This generation introduced a total of 156 new Pok閙on ( beginning with Victini and ending with Genesect ), the most of any generation so far.
  14. Mayor Mannes explains to the kids of the town s legend, in which Victini was friends with the king of the Kingdom of the Vale.
  15. Using Sigilyph s powers, Damon has the barrier s pillars moved to the castle, followed by Victini who believes the king is summoning it.
  16. Ash tries to take Victini to the outskirts of town but learns Victini cannot leave due to a barrier placed around it, held up by several pillars.
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