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  1. The Victims Trust Fund Campaign : http : / / www . victimstrustfund . org
  2. He said the aid, provided through the Crime Victims Trust Fund, will " help the communities assist the victims in their long journey toward recovery ."
  3. It also earmarked too little for the Victims Trust Fund, intended to pay for protection, psychological counseling and reparations to victims of war crimes . " That is a serious, serious mistake, " he said.
  4. The 92 nations that have ratified the Rome statute establishing the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal voted by consensus Friday for the five international figures to serve three-year terms on the board of directors of the Victims Trust Fund.
  5. The Victims Trust Fund Campaign, which has been raising money for the fund in the United States, said the board's stature will enable the court " to become a global vehicle for hope, justice and peace for the survivors of atrocities around the world ."
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  7. "The men and women of high stature and credentials elected today to the Victims Trust Fund Board of Directors places the needs of the survivors of atrocities at the forefront of international justice, " said Heather Hamilton of the World Federalist Association, which is coordinating the U . S . campaign.

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