victims surcharge in a sentence

  1. He was fined ?65 with a ?5 victim surcharge and ?00 costs.
  2. He was ordered to pay ?5 costs and a victim surcharge of ?0.
  3. He was given a 12-month conditional discharge, ?50 costs and ?5 victim surcharge.
  4. He was given a ?50 fine, and charged ?5 court costs and a ?5 victim surcharge.
  5. In addition, it was required to pay costs of ?8, 000 and a victim surcharge of ?20.
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  7. He was ordered to serve a three-month community sentence, and ordered to pay ?500 prosecution costs and a ?0 victim surcharge.
  8. Williams refused to pay $ 8, 000 in victim surcharge fines, resulting in action being taken against him by a collection agency.
  9. In April 2014, Simonsen was fined ?50, as well as being ordered to pay court costs of ?5 and a victim surcharge of ?0.
  10. English was fined ?00, ordered to pay ?00 court costs and a ?0 victim surcharge, and had six points put on her driving licence.
  11. In 2014, the company pleaded guilty to violating air quality standards in 2012 and paid violation and victim surcharge fines of approximately half a million dollars.
  12. While performing in London, she was arrested by police and was fined ?50, and ordered to pay ?5 costs and a victim surcharge of ?5.
  13. Botham was convicted of common assault on 10 July 2013, received a 12-month community order with supervision and was made to pay ?0 compensation and a ?0 victim surcharge.
  14. Since he had several previous offences on his licence, he was disqualified from driving for two months, fined ?00, and ordered to pay a ?5 victim surcharge and costs of ?5 by Crawley magistrates.
  15. In 2013 McCormack was handed a ?00 fine, ordered to pay ?83.25 in costs and a ?0 victim surcharge at a hearing at Leeds Magistrates Court after the then 26-year-old left packaging, cardboard delivery boxes and plastic bags next to bins at some point between Christmas 2012 and 3 January, which was found blowing into nearby hedges and fields.

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