victimisation rate in a sentence

  1. Risk factors affecting victimisation rates for violent crime and theft ", April 2016
  2. The Ministry of Justice has conducted Crime and Safety Surveys in 2006 and 2009 to assess victimisation rates as well as other research about crime in New Zealand.
  3. Newer studies ( 2009 ) report that the crime victimisation rate in Poland is constantly decreasing, and in 2008 Poland was at a low end of 25 among the 36 European countries listed.
  4. Which countries are believed to have the lowest " victimisation rate " ( NOT " reported " or " prosecuted " crime rate ) for the two crimes I am interested in-1.
  5. Surveys conducted in 2005 placed Poland below the European average, with crime victimisation rates lower than in Ireland, England and Wales, Iceland, Northern Ireland, Estonia, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden and Norway.
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