ventilating in a sentence

"ventilating" in Chinese  
  1. As any good historian must, Cordingly ventilates a few myths.
  2. What he did is not an excuse to ventilate your problems.
  3. They have been infiltrating and ventilating since long before Groundhog Day.
  4. The room is dark, poorly ventilated and affords no privacy.
  5. Restaurants and bars must have separate, independently ventilated smoking rooms.
  6. It's difficult to find ventilating in a sentence.
  7. Take the excellent brakes, with ventilated disks front and rear.
  8. Outdooors, well, ventilating outdoors is like trying to ventilate.
  9. Outdooors, well, ventilating outdoors is like trying to ventilate.
  10. As the windows self-ventilated, they bowed and sagged.
  11. And it may prove to have a ventilating effect on fashion.
  12. What is protocol for using fans to ventilate a burning building?
  13. Store tightly wrapped in a cool, well-ventilated area.
  14. Houses should be clean and well ventilated but draught-free.
  15. Engineer Ole Singstad pioneered a system of ventilating the tunnel transversely.
  16. Later, they may ventilate the hive or guard the entrance.
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