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  1. Last month he patented a " shoe sole with liquid-powered ventilating fans ."
  2. Appliances like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, air-conditioners and ventilating fans produce the most noise.
  3. Steam-driven ventilating fans were installed at James Street, Shore Road and midway between and.
  4. _Use kitchen, bath and ventilating fans sparingly.
  5. They also were included in augers, post hole diggers, log splitters, shredders, irrigators and ventilating fans made by the companies.
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  7. This requires that the curing light have a ventilating fan installed in order to  force airflow through slots in the casing.
  8. The vehicle is also equipped with a 380-volt auxiliary inverter that supplies power for the air compressor, steering servo, ventilating fans and other systems.
  9. Install roof vents to draw heat out or use a ventilating fan in the attic to release trapped heat, which can reach 140 degrees.
  10. The North Dakota researchers have also developed a filter to reduce the aroma from hog barns, stacking bales outside a barn near its ventilating fans.
  11. Ventilating fans can't keep up with the smoke, so some hangs in the room, a pall of smog, staining the walls the color of butterscotch pudding.
  12. Steam was provided by four Lancashire boilers which measured 27ft by 7ft . A ventilating fan measured 18ft by 7ft and was driven by a pair of horizontal engines which had 14in cylinders and a 16in stroke.
  13. The initial concept of the air cushion barge has always been to provide a low-tech amphibious solution for accessing construction sites using typical equipment found in this area, such as diesel engines, ventilating fans, winches and marine equipment.
  14. In summer 1976, British researcher John Prewer carried out a series of aeroponic experiments near Newport, Isle of Wight, U . K ., in which lettuces ( variety Tom Thumb ) were grown from seed to maturity in 22 days in polyethylene film tubes made rigid by pressurized air supplied by ventilating fans.
  15. KDK International Philippines Corp . ( KIPCO ) was founded in November 1979 as a joint venture company between Avenue Electrical Supply and Matsushita Seiko Co . Ltd, for the purpose of importing, distributing and selling all KDK products in the Philippine market such as electric fans, ventilating fans and other air moving equipment.

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