velveteen in a sentence

"velveteen" meaning  "velveteen" in Chinese  
  1. A garden of velveteen flowers springs up in a funky window box.
  2. Take Margery Williams'tale about a velveteen rabbit, for example.
  3. Some velveteen jackets look exactly like suede until they're touched.
  4. But once there was a velveteen rabbit, and he was really splendid.
  5. The Velveteen Father : A Gay Man's Unexpected Journey to Fatherhood.
  6. It's difficult to find velveteen in a sentence.
  7. Roos had on an orange plaid velveteen knicker suit.
  8. His velveteen Beanie Babies took the world by storm.
  9. The primary characters are named Ginger and Velvet ( short for Velveteen ).
  10. "Goodnight Moon " and " The Velveteen Rabbit ."
  11. -- Going straight down a slope prepared to a velveteen finish is fun.
  12. The velveteen swivel seats in the nightclub of a Catskills hotel, circa 1965.
  13. "Velveteen Rabbit " or " Margin of Safety ".
  14. Golden apricots feel like velveteen under my fingers.
  15. 9 . " Black Velveteen,"
  16. Some helmets retain the classic velveteen covered look.
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