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  1. The second dark room is " The Veiling ."
  2. A new family law was annulled, and veiling became obligatory.
  3. The effect was always one of veiling clothes to soften their look.
  4. A vivid example is women's hejab, the obligatory veiling.
  5. Veiling, in this context, starts to sound benign.
  6. It's difficult to find veiling in a sentence.
  7. Alliance among ports could become a counter-veiling power.
  8. Does he plan to enhance his prestige by veiling himself in mystery?
  9. Even among this population, veiling depended on social class and location.
  10. Murder proved an effective method of terrorizing women into re-veiling.
  11. And why did he stop veiling it in 1951?
  12. Trimmings include velvet, rhinestones, pearls, horsehair, bows and veiling.
  13. The concept of veiling started in the slave system.
  14. Veiling the heads was taken as a sign of resistance to the Soviets.
  15. Even within the practice of veiling there is wide variety, says Abdo.
  16. Veiling Hoogstraten ( auction ) is one of the largest of the Benelux.
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