valvano in a sentence

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  1. Using that same formula, Valvano offered Gugliotta a full ride.
  2. Dan Quisenberry, Jim Valvano and Dick Howser succumbed to it.
  3. That's a ( Jim ) Valvano story ."
  4. Jim Valvano ran around this court looking for someone to hug.
  5. McMillan played for the late Jim Valvano at North Carolina State.
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  7. Valvano created JTV enterprises to guide many of his entrepreneurial endeavors.
  8. Valvano took a chance on Gugliotta and brought him to Raleigh.
  9. The Bruins didn't want Jim Valvano a few years ago.
  10. Same thing for North Carolina State under Valvano in 1983.
  11. Did Pam Valvano remember her husband's last words to her?
  12. But then, neither did Valvano's thought processes at times.
  13. Dick Schaap and Jim Valvano did more than entertain us.
  14. Football coach Vince Lombardi was Valvano's role model.
  15. I think of my good friend, ( the late ) Jimmy Valvano,
  16. Now he joins the roster of coaches who won this jamboree : Valvano.
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