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  1. The following year he graduated from Cooper Union with a Vladimir Vagin.
  2. Chairman of the company is Alexander Vagin and managing director is Gennady Kozovoy.
  3. It is hosted by Dmitry Guberniyev and Roman Vagin.
  4. I am insulted that you have not heard of " Deutsch Vagin Club ".
  5. Tolerance and friendship are the lessons of this story by Vladimir Vagin and Frank Asch.
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  7. The illustrations by Vagin are particularly lovely.
  8. How one can not be aware of the Deutsch Vagin Klub is just beyond my comprehension.
  9. Vagin and Permyakov were murdered on the way back from their exploration by mutineering expedition members.
  10. In 1712, together with Yakov Permyakov, Merkury Vagin explored the region of the eastern Laptev Sea coast.
  11. By 1712, Yakov Permyakov and Merkury Vagin explored the eastern part of the Laptev Sea and discovered Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island.
  12. No one knows what the rebellious cossacks did with the ashes, but Merkury Vagin's remains were never found.
  13. The founders of the organization, Igor Ogurtsov, Yevgeny Vagin, Mikhail Sado and Boris Averichkin, have never been rehabilitated.
  14. "' Vladimir Vladimirovich Vagin "'(; born March 16, 1982 ) is a Russian professional football player.
  15. The names of A . P . Schapov, M . B . Zagoskin, V . I . Vagin were connected with the newspaper  Siberia.
  16. Lyakhov began his explorations in the spring of 1770 on dogsleds in order to explore the islands off the northern Siberian coast reported by Yakov Permyakov and Merkury Vagin in 1710.
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