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  1. Many local and national economies rely heavily on income from vacationers.
  2. Sometimes vacationers leave without ever spotting as much as a deer.
  3. Then, during the Depression, he sold them to vacationers.
  4. The others appeared to have been mainly French and German vacationers.
  5. Avoid Saturday-Sunday arrival and exodus of vacationers and weekenders.
  6. It's difficult to find vacationer in a sentence.
  7. And all that does indeed beckon _ and reward _ vacationers.
  8. Similarly, some vacationers grouse at the prospect of more regulations.
  9. Such packages are designed to lure vacationers with value and savings.
  10. Vacationers at a campground there need a place to wash clothes.
  11. That won't be a problem for a lightship vacationer.
  12. Coastline villagers reported a sharp drop in the number of vacationers.
  13. EU citizens accounted for 89 percent of vacationers in the Union.
  14. The structure was big enough to house 20, 000 vacationers.
  15. The plane had been carrying the vacationers from an offshore island.
  16. And there are vacationers out at dachas, or country homes.
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