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  1. You've heard about time-sharing a vacation home.
  2. Favorite vacation : Family gatherings at his vacation home in Naples,
  3. Bentsen said in a telephone interview from his California vacation home.
  4. Ferraro said in a telephone interview from her Caribbean vacation home.
  5. He built this house on Cape Cod as a vacation home.
  6. It's difficult to find vacation home in a sentence.
  7. They also rent out 23 furnished vacation homes in the area.
  8. She was taken to Campobello, FDR's vacation home.
  9. Vacation homes are sprouting like pink stucco fungi along the shoreline.
  10. Ferrell said of the Bush family's Maine vacation home.
  11. Commercial properties, vacation homes and multifamily buildings present other complications.
  12. The men were staying at Spicer's family vacation home.
  13. McMillen was staying at her family's vacation home nearby.
  14. He will be reinterred later near his vacation home in Italy.
  15. Fortuyn will be reinterred later near his vacation home in Italy.
  16. Northern Europeans buy vacation homes or move in to take jobs.
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