urban and rural in a sentence

"urban and rural" in Chinese  
  1. The funds specialize in lower-income urban and rural communities.
  2. The kitchens can be divided into the urban and rural kitchens.
  3. The Chickasaw resulted from a compromise between urban and rural legislators.
  4. Bodine photographed postwar mid-Atlantic America, urban and rural.
  5. She contends that urban and rural daaras  are the same.
  6. It's difficult to find urban and rural in a sentence.
  7. Hailstorms have caused serious losses in both urban and rural areas.
  8. Urban and rural transportation takes place in rental and private vehicles.
  9. The troika was a part of both urban and rural culture.
  10. Draws most of his support from urban and rural poor.
  11. No significant difference was noted between urban and rural stores.
  12. Census officials say sampling will prevent undercounting in urban and rural areas.
  13. Urban and rural areas were merged into larger unitary municipalities.
  14. The disparity between urban and rural living conditions narrowed in the 1970s.
  15. Population is evenly distributed in the urban and rural areas.
  16. Colonies are often found in both urban and rural areas.
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