urban and rural roads in a sentence

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  1. With growth of American automobile usage, urban and rural roads were gradually upgraded for the new traffic.
  2. Much of the road fell into total disuse while other parts were absorbed into the urban and rural road network.
  3. The railroad tracks need at least dlrs 147, 150 worth of repair, and we will need about dlrs 146, 000 to fix the urban and rural roads damaged by the flood,
  4. The "'Old Hume Highway "', an urban and rural road, may be described as any part of an earlier route of the Hume Highway, which traverses Victoria and New South Wales between the cities of Sydney and Melbourne in Australia.
  5. With the development of motor transport there was an increased need for hard-topped roads to reduce washaways, bogging and dust on both urban and rural roads, originally using cobblestones and wooden paving in major western cities and in the early 20th century tar-bound macadam ( tarmac ) and concrete paving were extended into the countryside.
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