urban and rural development in a sentence

"urban and rural development" in Chinese  
  1. Projects fall into one or more of five areas : urban and rural development.
  2. He said urban and rural development in China were a " priority among priorities ."
  3. Between April 2002 and Feb . 2004 she was Member of Committee on Urban and Rural Development.
  4. Studies at CAH Almere University of Applied Sciences focus on urban and rural development, including urban food production.
  5. He said 55 Orang Asli integrated settlements had been built by the Urban and Rural Development Department in Pahang.
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  7. This is further compounded by a conflict between urban and rural development resulting from traditional settlement administration alongside urban centres.
  8. Better coordination of urban and rural development and of development between nearby provincial regions also is emphasized in the new plan.
  9. He was Member, Committee on Urban and Rural Development and its Sub-Committee on Ministry of Rural Areas and Employment in 1998-99.
  10. Miami Rock Ridge hammocks have also been fragmented and isolated from surrounding natural communities due to massive urban and rural development.
  11. Money was spent on farm support aid, as well as urban and rural development projects, including support for new highway, rail and tunnel construction.
  12. Gamang was elected to the 13th Lok Sabha in 1999 . From 1999-2000, she was a member on the Committee on Urban and Rural Development.
  13. "This program is a priority in the Health Department, but there are a lot of other priorities-- housing, urban and rural development, education, " he said.
  14. The bill expands the focus of the National Civilian Community Corps ( NCCC ) to include disaster relief, infrastructure improvement, environmental and energy conservation, and urban and rural development.
  15. Since 1983, China has launched a series of land policy reforms to improve land-use efficiency, to rationalize land allocation, to enhance land management, and to coordinate urban and rural development.
  16. We must take more direct and effective policies . . . to strengthen, support and protect agriculture and increase rural incomes in line with the needs to balance urban and rural development,
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