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  1. He created works on paper, public sculpture, urban analysis and architectural designs.
  2. In 1993 he participated in the group show, " Urban Analysis " at the Barbara Braathen Gallery in New York.
  3. Alonso s urban analysis starting point was similar to Dunn s, though he gave more attention to market clearing by actors bidding for space.
  4. Master's and doctoral candidates can take courses in similar areas, except that graduate courses are not offered in Leadership, Communications, and Urban Analysis and Community Development.
  5. The book is ferociously hopeful and should be assigned by urban-studies professors everywhere to counter the " fixed negatives " that dominate so much of urban analysis.
  6. It's difficult to find urban analysis in a sentence.
  7. At about the same time, similar interests emerged to meet urban redevelopment and sewer planning needs, and interest in analytic urban analysis emerged in political science, economics, and geography.
  8. Urban analysis Kain-style formed the core of a several-year effort and yielded book length publications ( see, e . g ., G . Ingram, et al ., The NBER Urban Simulation Model, Columbia Univ . Press, 1972 ).
  9. Robert Crosby in the University Research Office of the US DOT was very much interested in the applications of dynamics to urban analysis, and when the DOT program was active some work was sponsored ( Kahn ( ed ) 1981 ).
  10. People read Benjamin not only ( or even mainly ) to learn about the particular topics he took on _ Belle Epoque fashions, Art Nouveau interiors, iron construction _ but also to absorb his methods of urban analysis and extravagantly cultivated sensibility.

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