urban american indian in a sentence

  1. The largest urban American Indian communities are Los Angeles / Long Beach, San Francisco / Oakland, Sacramento, and San Diego areas.
  2. It had been established in 1968 in Minneapolis among urban American Indians, first to deal with police harassment and injustice in the law enforcement system.
  3. The report found American Indians tend to live among other ethnic groups rather than cluster together in homogeneous neighborhoods and as a result, urban American Indians are often overlooked by the government during census counts and in terms of government services provided to them.
  4. Los Angeles County has the largest urban American Indian population in the United States, but county agencies have no systematic way of identifying American Indians, making it harder to provide health care, child care and other services to children in the poverty-plagued community, the report concluded.
  5. The authors concluded that " urban American Indian children in Los Angeles County face many health, mental and social problems, " and recommended new efforts to gather accurate data about the Indian population to improve the availability of education, welfare, health care, mental health and other services.
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  7. Using 2002 data from the National Survey of Family Growth, the Urban Indian Health Institute found that among women using contraception, the most common methods used by urban American Indian and Alaskan Native women age 15-44 years were female sterilization ( 34 % ), oral contraceptive pills ( 21 % ), and male condoms ( 21 % ).

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