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  1. But jobs are not in great supply in upstate New York.
  2. Five other branches will be in upstate Chenango and Otsego counties.
  3. You don't get these things in an upstate supermarket.
  4. Some environmentalists, worried about upstate residents, want to wait.
  5. Peaches should be available in the upstate until after Labor Day.
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  7. Moynihan said in a telephone interview Sunday from upstate New York.
  8. The cops sent him to reform school in upstate New York.
  9. Upstaters bridled at these restrictions and filed one lawsuit after another.
  10. If everything works out, upstaters will get an economic transfusion.
  11. The 34 upstate towns that must ratify the agreement are skittish.
  12. In May, he was finally apprehended in upstate New York.
  13. The storm also took a heavy toll in upstate New York.
  14. High pressure will build southward from Quebec into upstate New York.
  15. Kramer said the other day from his upstate New York home.
  16. The company later flourished in upstate New York as Corning Glass.
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