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  1. We are not a yahoo town watching an upstart expansion franchise.
  2. Last year the Sonics were eliminated by the upstart Denver Nuggets.
  3. _Unitel, an upstart long-distance company in Canada.
  4. You have the young upstarts trying to dismantle the golden 49ers.
  5. Was it some diabolical twist concocted by the upstart Carolina defense?
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  7. The heavyweight champ of mob movies vs . the upstart challenger.
  8. The upstart Eagles, looking mean and not all that green.
  9. _Criticized by some for not backing feisty, upstart groups.
  10. And upstarts Sacramento and Orlando have the talent to be trouble.
  11. Old-fashioned money managers like Merrill Lynch ignored the upstarts.
  12. But it is facing tough competition from a couple of upstarts.
  13. Net art is the upstart that video art used to be.
  14. But the upstarts hope to get a jump on the nation.
  15. Venerable carriers disappeared; low-fare upstarts came and went.
  16. "And we're still the upstarts,"
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