upstands in a sentence

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  1. Centered on both sides are upstands with " The Albert " incised on them.
  2. A wide entrance stair, with rendered masonry upstands to either side, is located centrally.
  3. The gauge of the line ( i . e . the dimension over the upstands ) was.
  4. The building has terracotta tiled roofdecks with solid upstands and metal tubular railings to the southeast and northwest.
  5. The Penydarren Tramroad of 1802 in South Wales, a plateway, spaced these at over the outside of the upstands.
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  7. These have timber posts on masonry upstands with timber batten balustrade between, arched timber valance, raked boarded ceilings and timber floors.
  8. Verandahs located on the north and east sides are supported on pairs of 150mm square posts finished with skirtings and capitals on capped concrete upstands.
  9. The verandah and awning are supported by chamfered posts with timber capitals resting on square concrete upstands; these posts are paired at the truncated corner.
  10. The chill / cold stores, salt room and packing rooms retain original features including hatches, doors and doorways, concrete upstands and floor drains.
  11. The barrel storage area in the middle portion of the shed is organised around a grid of walkways and concrete upstands accommodating concrete plinths on which the barrels stand.
  12. He read the work " Architectural Beauty in Japan " and was deeply attracted by wafer thin concrete roofs, screen glazing and floating upstands sitting over the garden.
  13. As gravel cannot protect tarpaper surfaces where they rise vertically from the roof such as on parapet walls or upstands, the felts are usually coated with bitumen and protected by sheet metal flashings.

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