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  1. Not exactly the upstanding issues programming on which Perez prides himself.
  2. He became a fine, upstanding, well adjusted student there.
  3. -I will be an outstanding and upstanding candidate for adminship.
  4. Played by Matthew Modine, Jacob is not your typical upstanding hero.
  5. Well, there are fine, upstanding folks who live in trailers.
  6. It's difficult to find upstanding in a sentence.
  7. He universally is considered an upstanding, right-thinking young man.
  8. "He's always been an upstanding fellow ."
  9. Yet this son of upstanding Presbyterians was anything but flighty.
  10. Superpower or not, Americans want to see themselves as morally upstanding.
  11. And the Lakers, in contrast, are downright upstanding.
  12. To the outside world her mother was an upstanding woman.
  13. He'd been regarded as an upstanding citizen in the community.
  14. Or at least synonyms printable in these upstanding family pages.
  15. Their three children give every promise of becoming upstanding citizens, also.
  16. Bowen described Hill as " a pretty fine, upstanding person ."
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