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  1. "I want to ask you today to be upstanders and not bystanders, " she tells them.
  2. These solutions incorporate peer-to-peer actions to make schools safe and help bystanders gather the courage to become upstanders.
  3. By encouraging students to be leaders and upstanders, Stop the Hate?reflects the Jewish values of responsible citizenship and respect for all humanity.
  4. He also received the Leo Politi Golden Author Award given by California Readers in 2005 and the Horace Mann Upstanders Lifetime Achievement Award given by Antioch University in 2014.
  5. In September 2016, Starbucks announced a debut of its first-ever original content series called " Upstanders " which aims to inspire Americans with stories of compassion, citizenship, and civility.
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  7. Adopted in 2012, JDS's mission is " to provide an exceptional education that empowers Jewish children to be confident, wise, and compassionate upstanders who are committed to life-long learning and community stewardship . " JDS offers an integrated curriculum of Judaic studies and general studies focusing on the " whole student, " from Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 8.

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