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  1. A perpendicular upstand runs the length of the shelter along the midline.
  2. Surrounding the stairway opening in this platform is some metal railings bolted to a concrete upstand.
  3. The fence is wire mesh on a pipe frame sitting on a concrete upstand with gates located under arched trellises.
  4. Each tank has a low, rounded, concrete upstand supporting concrete posts to each corner linked by hollow metal rails.
  5. In the Haytor case, the " plates " were cut from granite blocks; the upstand guided the wheels of the wagons.
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  7. In 1796 John Curr developed a plateway system, in which flat plates with an upstand for guidance could carry wagons with plain wheels.
  8. This fence is no longer extant, but its base may survive in the form of an existing concrete upstand along the Abbott Street boundary.
  9. The railway platform has a concrete upstand, and originally was finished with hexagonal concrete tiles similar to the verandah, but these are no longer extant.
  10. The plates were three feet long, with a four-inch width and a three-inch upstand ( 920 mm long by 100 mm by 76 mm ).
  11. In some localities, the plates were made L-shaped, the upstand of the L providing the guidance; this is generally referred to as a " plateway ".
  12. It was a plateway in which the " rails " were L-shaped plates; the upstand of the profile guided the wagon wheels, which did not have flanges.
  13. A large forecourt forms the entrance to the building from Abbott Street, and a low concrete upstand which runs along the Abbott Street boundary may be the base of the original concrete fence.
  14. Their narrow rectangular form, echoing their setting, is off-set by the subtly convex line of the seat top, and relieved by a lightly curved upstand which is placed off-centre.
  15. The structure of the shell is formed from 105 bent and tapered cast-iron plates, each about thick, with an upstand flange on each side, and bolted with cast-iron bolts, each weighing.
  16. Set about four and a half metres apart, they are made with two cantilevered, tapering I-beams bolted to a rectangular hollow steel column ( made with two C-sections welded together ) which is founded in a concrete upstand.
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