upstairs room in a sentence

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  1. No, Mrs . Soros says, she will not show the upstairs rooms.
  2. Some of the most breathtaking items are in smaller, climate-controlled upstairs rooms.
  3. The upstairs rooms feature original woodwork, including door and window trim.
  4. Avoid outer, upstairs rooms where the view is merely of the surrounding neighborhood.
  5. In Kansas City at a flophouse, Devlin finds Weenie in an upstairs room.
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  7. From the upstairs rooms there are serene vistas of the Nam Khan River.
  8. From her upstairs room at the gas station, Myrtle saw an approaching car.
  9. Nobody complained as cigar smoke drifted through the upstairs room at Gallagher's steakhouse.
  10. All have private baths, although the upstairs rooms have detached bathrooms.
  11. Second floor rear windows were closed off and another upstairs room was added.
  12. The upstairs rooms have molded chair rails and cased flair posts.
  13. She returned in August and moved into an upstairs room with three others.
  14. The upstairs rooms have portraits of Sienese bishops and popes.
  15. For a little time, that upstairs room was occupied again.
  16. Chickens, geese and pets were penned up in upstairs rooms.
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