uprising in a sentence

"uprising" meaning  "uprising" in Chinese  
  1. Christian conservatives picture their fight as a grass-roots uprising.
  2. The Bosnian Serbs are also prepared for an uprising in Sarajevo.
  3. But after the initial Astros'uprising, Leiter was sharp.
  4. Luis Sojo capped the uprising with a run-scoring single.
  5. His mother died in a refugee camp after the Hungarian uprising.
  6. It's difficult to find uprising in a sentence.
  7. It was about an uprising by blacks _ in the South.
  8. Both sides warned of a possible uprising if the chaos continues.
  9. Langdon again delivered, quelling the uprising with two free throws.
  10. He photographed the dead in Soweto during the 1976 student uprising.
  11. The Yankees saw the Braves offensive uprising and upped the ante.
  12. When the uprising begins, we will be well-positioned.
  13. The uprising leaders who push them into harm's way?
  14. Sharon appealed to their sense of insecurity in the Palestinian uprising.
  15. They continue to endorse the uprising, including attacks on Israel.
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