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  1. Serbian uprisers under the leadership of dukes Milenko Stojkovi, Petar Dobrnjac, and Stevan Sineli defeated a Turkish army which led to further spreading of the Uprising through all of Belgrade Pashaluk.
  2. For me, the second point was the more interesting one  I tend to carefully position myself, within the spectrum of overall privilege, as being one of the uprisers, not the class to be overthrown.
  3. Since the third decade of 17th century his barony was Stare Selo near Lviv . There he started to build fortress in 1642, which was destroyed during the siege of Lviv in 1648 by the Cossac uprisers of Bohdan Khmelnytsky.
  4. The Peloponnesus, especially Laconia and Messinia fought courageously, but the Turks called for the help of Turkish Albanians; the Arvanites, who brought immense devastation to the Greek uprisers by burning whole villages to the ground and butchering the inhabitants or selling them as slaves in the slave trade of the East.
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