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  1. Uprima manufacturer TAP Pharmaceuticals said men desperately need alternative treatments.
  2. But many men aren't helped by Viagra; hence interest in Uprima.
  3. TAP Pharmaceuticals, which manufactures Uprima, said men " desperately need " alternative treatments.
  4. Data recently submitted to FDA shows 0.4 percent of Uprima users fainted, Modory said.
  5. Unlike Viagra and Cialis _ which are pills that are swallowed _ Uprima is administered under the tongue.
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  7. Unlike Viagra, which eases impotence by increasing blood flow to the penis, Uprima works in the brain.
  8. One in every 30 men who tested Uprima's optimal dose fainted or suffered seriously low blood pressure.
  9. The FDA's advisers also want men to understand that Uprima won't help all types of impotence.
  10. But Uprima was approved in Europe two weeks ago, and TAP will collect data there to resubmit to the FDA.
  11. Still, FDA's advisers couldn't say Uprima would be any safer for nitrate-using heart patients.
  12. Also unlike Viagra, Uprima is not swallowed but dissolved under the tongue, where it seeps into the bloodstream through mouth tissue.
  13. Several of the FDA's advisers bluntly warned that if Uprima is ever sold, this side effect will kill some people.
  14. Get ready for Uprima, a smaller pill that slides under the tongue and promises, within 30 minutes, to assist with arousal.
  15. An experimental pill for impotence called Uprima will certainly kill some men if it's allowed to sell, the advisers said bluntly.
  16. An anti-impotence drug called Uprima, produced jointly by Abbott Laboratories and a Japanese partner, won approval in Europe last year.
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