uprights in a sentence

"uprights" in Chinese  
  1. But another seemed to go on forever after bisecting the uprights.
  2. The couple sat upright and discussed the offer with hushed intensity.
  3. Cool upright in pan 15 minutes, invert onto serving plate.
  4. Riders relegated to the aisle have to fight to stay upright.
  5. They have simple ambitions each week : Keep Troy Aikman upright.
  6. It's difficult to find uprights in a sentence.
  7. _Remain seated with your seat in the full upright position.
  8. Why are we so moral and upright about what kids read?
  9. Flycatchers perch in an upright attitude and often sit quite motionless.
  10. A 43-yard field goal attempt clanged off the upright.
  11. He was excited, barely upright and clearly a little scared.
  12. The uprights were the only thing ASU didn't take.
  13. Tracy Bonham, " The Burdens of Being Upright"
  14. Rosemary is an evergreen perennial available in upright or trailing forms.
  15. An upright bass was strapped to the top of the car.
  16. The prototype GuideCane looks a little like an upright vacuum cleaner.
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