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  1. Managers say they are fighting uprightly to preserve their institutions.
  2. Blooming occurs in mid to late summer and after blooming long, relatively thin, rounded, pods are produced that grow uprightly.
  3. The mentioned Luther-Frans, the false apostle, promised him also as uprightly as possible to preach God's word.
  4. In 1832 Gosse experienced a religious conversion as he said, " solemnly, deliberately and uprightly, took God for my God ."
  5. The Spirit unites with the souls of those who walk uprightly; through the prophets he reminds men of their lost likeness to God.
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  7. But they reacted as in which says, " They hate him that reproves in the gate, and they abhor him that speaks uprightly ."
  8. The dragon blood tree has a unique and strange appearance, with an " upturned, densely packed crown having the shape of an uprightly held umbrella ".
  9. Paul considered that they " walked not uprightly according to the truth of the gospel " and upbraided them before the whole church ( Galatians 2 : 11-15 ).
  10. The men of Regiment were so much under the influence of moral and religious feeling, they encouraged fellow soldiers to respect authority, to live uprightly, and to fight knowing that God would direct the battle.
  11. "The whole intention of their lives, " according to Lucy Crawford's memoirs, " was to live humbly, walk uprightly, deal justly with all, speak evil of none ."
  12. The old man, who had reached the end of his days, took up the mandate with joyful readiness and uprightly performed the duties of his office as head of the finance committee until his death in the following year.
  13. Maybe Gingrich should propose, in light of the Susan Smith horror story, that daughters of Protestant stockbrokers be handed over to orphanages so the government can raise them uprightly so that they won't have children they might murder.
  14. Whereupon they replied that the brethren had preached correctly and Catholic for them and had lived uprightly among them and said : We do not at all wish that the brethren should be chased away . " The Lutherans contradicted them, and there arose a great internal division among the citizens.
  15. New Hampshire law states that " the decision of the fence-viewers, upon their being sworn that they have acted impartially, uprightly and to the best of their judgment, shall be final and conclusive upon the parties . " If a fence is on a boundary line between two different towns, fence views from only one town are used.
  16. When, notwithstanding, the trial proceeded, Sir John Grenville a cousin of the Courtenays, brought a message from the earl to Wadham charging him to " sit more uprightly, without partiality in this session than the last . " These are the words of one who has failed to influence the course of justice, and the earl's attempts to save his retainer, " in spite of the teeth of the said John Wadham and William Sturmy ", resulted in his appearance before the King's Council and a stern warning to respect the law in future.
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