uprighted in a sentence

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  1. He was trying to get the boat uprighted instead of getting out of the water.
  2. The search for the two still missing bodies continued after the ship was uprighted on 17 September 2013.
  3. Tweed believed in keeping the mandibular incisors uprighted over the basal bone and thus he would expand the arches buccal.
  4. Its central avenue, more than a mile long, was lined by 1, 200 columns, some 200 of which have been uprighted again.
  5. It is powered by a modified six-cylinder, " uprighted " Fairchild Ranger engine, fitted after the original liquid-cooled Mercedes D . II engine sheared its crankshaft.
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  7. The accounts of his subordinates claim either that he uprighted himself and committed " seppuku " after his injury or that he requested that the comrade Beppu Shinsuke assist his suicide.
  8. Their example first flew in 1990, and it still flies today with the power of a 200 hp Ranger L-440 inline-6 " uprighted " air-cooled engine.
  9. "As I was swimming away from the ship I looked back, and at that moment it uprighted itself, the propellers still working, " recalls Robert Bunai of Boston, one of the survivors.
  10. "But would I really be here if I had a choice ? " she asked reflectively, as she huddled in her woolen jacket and fur hat and uprighted a bottle of cola that a cold gust of wind had knocked over.
  11. A biting, western wind raised whitecaps in Mackerel Cove and rocked the 30 or so lobster boats awaiting better, and warmer, fishing days . Uprighted dinghies and stacks of wire-mesh lobster traps rested alongside the red-, white-and green-shingled houses encircling the cove.

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