up in a sentence

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  1. We shouldn't give up our audience to anyone else.
  2. Teachers'unions and school boards have put up stiff resistance.
  3. But it's still right up my alley ."
  4. Let's see how many take them up on it.
  5. He moved up the corporate ladder and became president in 1982.
  6. It's difficult to find up in a sentence.
  7. See, people get hung up on this whole age thing.
  8. Of the 53 works up for sale, 37 found buyers.
  9. Every time I talk about it, my tears well up.
  10. I was curious to see how the sod was holding up,
  11. Finally, the weather warmed up and the grass took off,
  12. Several of the students have taken her up on the offer.
  13. Gwynn said, his face screwing up in an uncharacteristic scowl.
  14. I was kind of easing up on him at the end.
  15. He just got the ball up where they could whack it,
  16. He reared up, and he twisted and fell over backwards,
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