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  1. Such quakes can cause considerable damage and injury in a built-up area.
  2. Benevolent Missionary Organizations set up areas like Sunday schools, hospitals and dormitories.
  3. Others, however, set up areas where attendees can sit down and play.
  4. Previous restrictions of flying over built up areas were removed during 2008.
  5. This helped open up areas of Michigan to settlement by European Americans.
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  7. These are three-bedroom units with a built-up area of 650 square feet.
  8. Now, they have to ratchet up areas where they may be vulnerable.
  9. The total built up area of the campus is more than.
  10. On the south end of the runway is a run-up area.
  11. Springs can be used go gain access to high up areas.
  12. In built up areas they will forage in large parking lots.
  13. The South Stand also houses a gymnasium and warm up area.
  14. He's opened up areas of education for us very quietly and very strongly.
  15. There will be a cozy, nooky kind of area and a dress-up area.
  16. Towards the west the built-up area has extended right to Zabreznica.
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