up and coming in a sentence

"up and coming" meaning  "up and coming" in Chinese  
  1. Filipovi fought up and coming striker Junior dos Santos at UFC 103.
  2. Winemakers will screw it up and come out with a poor product.
  3. The Caledonia Stage, was introduced to showcase up and coming new bands.
  4. Vishva grows up and comes to the village to finish the task.
  5. Stephen Diego is an up and coming model / singer / dancer.
  6. It's difficult to find up and coming in a sentence.
  7. Up and coming british actress who is now working in the States.
  8. The up and coming young management have been sent out to Poland.
  9. Tunno and Ferrara were up and coming but injuries shortened their careers.
  10. One of their tour of up and coming bands in early 1997.
  11. :Shigeharu is an up and coming baseball pitcher for the Marine Stars.
  12. Initially its clients were a handful of up and coming regional rappers.
  13. But then the next day I get up and come to work.
  14. You just have to pick yourself up and come back even stronger.
  15. But the military will wake up and come over to our side.
  16. Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem, when they were both up and coming.
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