up and comer in a sentence

"up and comer" in Chinese  
  1. "I'm not the up and comer.
  2. Scudder is an " up and comer,"
  3. One making a lot of money, one an up and comer.
  4. Wilcox faced up and comer Joe Taimanglo in the semifinals at Bellator 103.
  5. I'm not the up and comer.
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  7. Another up and comer Brian Shaw placed third.
  8. We have the up and comers,
  9. Byrd has wanted to fight Golota since 1997, when Golota was still an up and comer.
  10. He plans to order his favorite new up and comer, Kang Kang, to be his successor.
  11. Barry Sheene would also serve notice that he was an up and comer with victories at Assen and Sweden.
  12. That when Skip asked an up and comer at the time David aka Big D to join the sound.
  13. In the game, you are an up and comer armed only with a skateboard and a couple of tricks.
  14. "" Guy Buttery is one of the premier up and comers in the world of fingerstyle guitar today.
  15. "I feel like I'm going to be called an ` up and comer'forever ."
  16. Canadian up and comer, and reigning TFC Light Heavyweight Champion, Martin Desilets was brought in as a late replacement.
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