up and around in a sentence

"up and around" meaning  "up and around" in Chinese  
  1. "He'll be up and around,"
  2. Gail was up and around first, exalting in her newfound vigor.
  3. A scenic road also winds up and around the cone.
  4. The reservation lies off to the left, up and around winding hills.
  5. They said he was up and around so hopefully everything is all right.
  6. It's difficult to find up and around in a sentence.
  7. Place butter on top and fold dough up and around it to cover.
  8. They played there, climbed up and around inside.
  9. He said the advanced work probably helped him get up and around more quickly.
  10. It's nice to see a couple of dogs up and around ."
  11. "She's up and around and speaking with her physicians,"
  12. And Asian markets were still bed-ridden long after New York was up and around.
  13. They soon are up and around.
  14. Follow this wide mud path up and around the back of the lake into mixed woodland.
  15. "He is up and around, and that's good to see,"
  16. THE UPPER : The part of the shoe that wraps up and around, inludes the laces.
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