up and about in a sentence

"up and about" meaning  "up and about" in Chinese  
  1. Lee had the operation on Friday and is now up and about.
  2. The patient reportedly was stable, up and about, and not contagious.
  3. He suffered a fractured skull, but was up and about only weeks later.
  4. The boy is now grown up and about to get married to a woman.
  5. I last saw him on Wednesday afternoon and he was still up and about.
  6. It's difficult to find up and about in a sentence.
  7. On just pushing through, being up and about and living.
  8. He's also killed himself but is up and about.
  9. The next day he was up and about, bright and early, but never to return.
  10. The street is heating up and about to boil.
  11. And Singer, Wein and Paramsothy, after being thrown by the impact, were up and about.
  12. Aides release old photo of him at work, apparently attempting to show him up and about.
  13. The best player on the nation's best team is up and about, on his way home.
  14. After the game, there were reports that Brashear was up and about in the Canucks'medical room.
  15. Each is expected to take about 45 days to set up and about $ 2, 500.
  16. She's so happy to be up and about.
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