up 1995 in a sentence

  1. He opened up 1995 with three more, of 35, 22 and 41 yards.
  2. Kunming Machine Tool profited from net interest income from deposits to puff up 1995 earnings.
  3. Loan growth was " the most significant factor " pushing up 1995 operating income, BayBanks said.
  4. Germany and France both ran up 1995 deficits that exceeded the treaty's limit of 3 percent of gross domestic product.
  5. The Cowboys'top-ranked defense swallowed up 1995 NFL Most Valuable Player Brett Favre and his band of castoff wide receivers.
  6. It's difficult to find up 1995 in a sentence.
  7. Three criminal courts, including the one in Gitega, were set up 1995 specifically to try those involved in the massacres that followed Ndadaye's death.
  8. And estimates are that the state will wind up 1995 with 7, 000 fewer homes sold than the 145, 400 sold 1994, or a total of 138, 400 homes.
  9. Zeneca's agrochemicals division rang up 1995 sales of 1.64 billion pounds, while specialty chemicals, the smallest division, posted 1.04 billion pounds in sales that year.
  10. Ewing, who along with Mayor Rudolph W . Giuliani kicked off the Hoop It Up 1995 World Tour on the steps of City Hall, said he was tired of hearing that a select group of agents are behind part of the league's unsettled labor problems.
  11. The first of four full-course caution flags came on the first lap after Italy's Jarno Trulli went into the first-turn grass on the start, spun into Brazil's Rubens Barichello and also caught up 1995 Canada winner Jean Alesi of France.
  12. Union Pacific continues to follow its new tradition of releasing " Heritage " units to represent the paint schemes of companies absorbed by UP . After completion of painting at the Wisconsin and Southern Railroad's Horicon, Wisconsin shop, UP 1995, an EMD SD70ACe locomotive painted in a " Heritage " C & NW paint scheme, was unveiled on July 15, 2006, at North Western Station in Chicago, Illinois.

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