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  1. Beltsov said the quake's epicenter was near the village of Uoyan, about 250 kilometers ( 150 miles ) north of Lake Baikal.
  2. It was founded in the mid-1970s in conjunction with the construction of the Baikal Amur Mainline ( BAM ), near the settlement of Uoyan on the left bank of the Upper Angara.
  3. There are proposals to build a long connection between the BAM and the Trans-Siberian Railway through Buryatia, with a northern terminus at Novy Uoyan, beginning either at Mogzon in Zabaykalsky Krai.
  4. Four small tunnels along the lake . 1104 : Nizhneangarsk; leave Lake Baikal, northeast up the valley of the Upper Angara River . 1257 : Novy Uoyan : there is talk of building a railroad south from here to the Trans-Siberian.
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