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  1. UOV is also a young digital signature scheme.
  2. While some attack methods are already known, many more will certainly appear if UOV becomes widely used.
  3. The Corporals'Association Zug ( UOV ) has been the tenant of the tower since 1974, and its members have lovingly and authentically restored it.
  4. A disadvantage is that UOV uses very long key-lengths, with the public key being the entire system of m equations, which can require several kilobytes of storage.
  5. With a time of 2 : 27.28, she finished fifth at the Burgos hosted 2008 CT . Espa馻 Clubes Primera Divisi髇 1?Jornada Mujeres ANT-MED-MAN-UOV race.
  6. It's difficult to find uov in a sentence.
  7. With a time of 2 : 27.75, she finished fifth at the Collado Villalba hosted 2008 CT . Espa馻 Clubes Primera Division 3?J . Titulo Mujeres MAP-MAN-TFE-UOV race.

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