uottawa in a sentence

  1. The bars and restaurants of uOttawa rapid transit station by 2018 ) just across the canal.
  2. The 53rd Congress was held in Ottawa, Ontario and was hosted by the uOttawa Ukrainian Students Club.
  3. Heading into the 2008-09 season, goaltender Jessika Audet was the oldest varsity student-athlete at uOttawa.
  4. The riding also includes Carleton University and Saint Paul University's ( where many UOttawa students have residence ) campuses and residences.
  5. In January 2015, Rock announced that uOttawa would sit out the 2015-16 season as well in order to give university officials more time to implement reforms.
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  7. The station will become an O-Train station on the Confederation Line after 2018 and the name will be changed to "'uOttawa " '.
  8. In the 2013 14 season the teams faced each other both in the provincial and national finals, with uOttawa winning the OUA championship and Carleton winning the national title.
  9. The Blue Team / Team Broduce, led by General Manager Jamie Lafrance of uOttawa Quidditch, won CDFT 2013 with a victory over the Black Team / Hipster Horcruxes.
  10. Amos was a part-time professor and staff lawyer at the University of Ottawa before being promoted to director of the uOttawa-Ecojustice Environmental Law Clinic in August 2010.
  11. McGill, Carleton, uOttawa and UVic came in 15th, 23rd, 39th, and 54th place, respectively, in division I with Ryerson coming in 23rd place in division II.
  12. The second annual Canada Cup ( then, Canadian Cup ) was hosted by Queen's University where McGill, Carleton and uOttawa emerged victorious, being granted spots at the sixth World Cup.
  13. By October 2011, teams had already popped up at Queen's University and McMaster University, and Carleton University hosts the first " Canada Cup " on October 29 where McGill, Carleton and uOttawa placed first, second and third.
  14. In the east, teams start up on the University of Toronto's Mississauga campus For the sixth World Cup in Kissimmee, Florida, three Canadian teams travel there to compete ( uOttawa, Fleming College and U of T ).
  15. As the largest law school in Canada, uOttawa Law often touts the advantages of its wide range of program offerings, courses, and opportunities, including proximity to federal agencies and courts, such as the Supreme Court of Canada and the Parliament of Canada.
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