unzipping in a sentence

"unzipping" in Chinese  
  1. Built-in unzipping is used when running DOS virus scanners.
  2. You'll need a program for unzipping the file, too.
  3. Unzipping him, she notes he is bigger than Dugan.
  4. Close-up : his hand unzipping her dress.
  5. After unzipping a new file memtest86 . ISO appeared.
  6. It's difficult to find unzipping in a sentence.
  7. Prior to performing the downstream applications several unzipping and rezipping cycles are performed.
  8. But when the flight attendant stepped out, she found a passenger unzipping his pants.
  9. And I don't see CNN unzipping Aaron Brown's pants ."
  10. Greg let her get it completely on before unzipping it and telling her it was on backwards.
  11. Eddie zips the tent closed and they both watch with fright as it slowly starts unzipping again.
  12. A : You need a zipping-unzipping program, something that doesn't come with Windows.
  13. An image of a leather jacket unzipping opened every new scene, accompanied by a harsh guitar riff.
  14. "I even opened up his zipper, " she said, making an unzipping gesture.
  15. _A number of posters, including one with a doctored photo purporting to show Diana unzipping her jeans.
  16. The word sexy then flared onto the screen, accompanied by a noise that sounded like a zipper unzipping.
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