unzip in a sentence

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  1. When a man unzips his pants, his brain falls out.
  2. A garment that unzips to the bottom is called simply a parka.
  3. He unzips his jacket, fighting to catch his breath.
  4. These programs let you unzip files that have been zipped.
  5. That's now possible with the other programs that unzip files.
  6. It's difficult to find unzip in a sentence.
  7. They decided it would be prudent to unzip the top.
  8. Don't open buttons or unzip zippers after a good meal.
  9. Then he unbuttoned my jeans and tried to unzip them.
  10. Clearly, I don't have an unzip program.
  11. To access the windows, you unzip side flaps that cover them.
  12. They literally unzip or depolymerize back to the constituent monomer.
  13. Wash, trim ends and unzip strings as needed.
  14. "He's screaming, ` Unzip me, "'
  15. Blanc comes in, kills him easily, and then unzips her head.
  16. To use the scanner, first download the Wikipedia Database and unzip it.
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