unzicker in a sentence

  1. Taylor responded by having Hooper fired and by shutting Unzicker out of executive decisions.
  2. Unzicker had a classical chess style modelled after the German player and theorist Siegbert Tarrasch.
  3. The event was won by Wolfgang Unzicker.
  4. Spassky jumped out to an early lead with wins over Unzicker, Ivkov, and Fischer.
  5. After World War II, he took 2nd, behind Wolfgang Unzicker, at Augsburg 1946.
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  7. A copy was provided to The New York Times by a third party after Unzicker sent it.
  8. Unzicker wrote that Taylor said " he would provide a more detailed explanation later ."
  9. The event was won by Fedor Bohatirchuk, ahead of Elmrs Zemgalis, Wolfgang Unzicker, etc.
  10. In 1953, he took 4th in Berlin ( FRG-ch; Wolfgang Unzicker won ).
  11. At Maribor 1967, he shared 3rd 5th places with 9 / 15, with Wolfgang Unzicker winning.
  12. Sharing the fourth and fifth prizes, Portisch and Unzicker were the only other players with a plus score.
  13. The ethics committee, composed of volunteers, will meet on Tuesday to review the information from Unzicker and others.
  14. Taylor, the memorandum says, responded by shutting Unzicker out of executive decisions and by making him fire Hooper.
  15. At Heidelberg 1949, Wade scored 4 / 9 for a tied 6 8th place, as Wolfgang Unzicker won.
  16. In 1953, he tied for 7-9th in Leipzig ( GER-ch; Wolfgang Unzicker won ).
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