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  1. The towns of Kologriv, Manturovo and Makaryev are along the Unzha River.
  2. It is a tributary of the Unzha River ( in Volga's drainage basin ).
  3. Macarius then went into the Kostroma forests, where he founded a new monastery on the Unzha River, now known as Unzhensky Makaryev monastery.
  4. "' Unzha River "'( ), a river in the Vologda Oblast and Kostroma Oblast in Russia, a tributary of the Volga River.
  5. From Kazan up the Volga past Nizhny Novgorod to the point where the river turns from east to south, north up the Unzha River, portage, down the Yug River to Veliky Ustyug . 3.
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  7. From Veliky Ustyug one can go west up the Sukhona, east up the Vychegda, northwest down the Northern Dvina to the White Sea, or south up the Yug River and down the Unzha River to the Volga and Kazan.

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