unyielding in a sentence

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  1. The unyielding core of the 14 percent is regular sales taxes.
  2. Iba won two NCAA tournaments that way, the unyielding way.
  3. Nebraska's defense, ranked sixth nationally, was unyielding.
  4. She knows the unyielding lime plastic chairs in the welfare office.
  5. Since then, the crush of media attention has been unyielding.
  6. It's difficult to find unyielding in a sentence.
  7. We are unyielding in our prejudices, suspicions and personal positions.
  8. "And it's not an unyielding Security Council.
  9. He also said Torre's unyielding support helped him relax.
  10. Ottawa likes to boast of its unyielding stand against capital punishment.
  11. But Albanian keeper Arian Beqaj was unyielding, making decisive saves.
  12. His tough and unyielding character should provide a sense of security.
  13. At a joint news conference with Aznar, Bush was unyielding.
  14. During his career, Johnson intimidated opponents with his unyielding determination.
  15. No one came to his support, and Comstock remained unyielding.
  16. Unyielding preoccupation with removing pictures of Mosques from the Cyprus article.
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